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This Fresh Hell / Schindler's Fist / Good Name / Bua

We combine our monthly garden party at Tengu with live appearances from This Fresh Hell + Schindler's Fist. Tickets: https://bit.ly/2w6rdrx

Knockanstockan Festival

The Christmas of Summer, KNOCKANSTOCKAN  is here, and we're delighted to be playing at The Rasher Factory for the Garda Christmas Party.  This one is very close to our hearts, as many of our friends work tirelessly for the duration of the year to get this excellent event together.  A festival for those who want to enjoy a hot selection of Irish/international talent in warm company, and also wish to skip the tent pissers etc.


We gleefully maintain our lounge lizardry in Dublin's premier subterranean Japanese bar. One night a monthm we take the controls in Izakaya, one of our favourite spots in toon. Now with new and improved sound system! Going on as late as ye'd like to. F r e e E n t r y


TUFF GANG comprises 10 -14 bodies. Known to exude grunting masses of footwork, afro slammers &  live improvised scatterbeat. Next party early September.


New monthly party at Lucky's! A lovely new spot on Meath St.

Check fb for details on each event.

A night spent travelling through the wonk

World Cup Edition, with Messy Lionel + Brondos Cranaldo

Some pics of the new spot.

Kaizen Launch

We were asked along to support Automatic Tasty for the launch of Kaizen, the brand new upstairs venue at Tengu. 

We also continue our Monthly Garden Party in Tengu with BUA.


Riot's a new spot that has opened up on Aston Key.

We popped in on May 25th (as three-headed Phibsboro shopping centre titan)


●   ●   ●


Spring has sprung, and we have a heap of stuff going on


We return to the mysterious surroundings of 22 Montague Lane, a former abattoir in the heart of Dublin's historic meat packing district.

Tickets available at Eventbritehttp://bit.ly/2EwnhUa & the amazing DICE Ireland : http://bit.ly/2DRRUSX



Payday at Yamamori Tengu. A continuation of our monthly garden parties. Last Thursday of the month, hosted alongside the BUA massive + guests.

Fivers recommended.

Autumn/Winter Events & Residencies

Pics from our Christmas Kracker

Good Name's Christmas Kracker - Event

9 acts in an abattoir anyone?

Tickets: Eventbrite: https://tinyurl.com/y782wy9c Tickets: Dice.fm : https://tinyurl.com/y7jcll2l

Good Name Itzi Kutzi Shakedown - Event

Luka Palm/Bobby Basil at Good Name - Event

Weirdos of All, A Halloween Ball - Event

Damola at Good Name - Event

    Supporting Shit Robot (DFA Records)/LCD Soundsystem Official After Party - Event

We'll be regular guests at Do My Dance, a new Friday party at The Grand Social  

  SpaceVolk at Good Name - Event

Above is a little clip of SpaceVolk in recording with Des of Good Name

Space Talk: Good Name Takeover - Event

 (Update: We'll now be throwing a regular party into the Winter at Yamamori Tengu. Monthly, Last Thursdays)

Summer Garden Party #1

 (Extended to last Thursday of June+July+August)



Summer Lineup


Our Spring Lineup

-Poster by Robert Ickis Mirolo